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CE Credit Classes Offered At A Glance
May - August 2018

How To Verify Your CE Credits 

______ 5/9/2018 Ethics for TIPICs - 3 hours

______ 5/15/2018   The Bus. of Title Insurance for TIPICs - 1 hour

​______ 5/19/2018 Loan Closing A - Z for TIPICs - 4 hours

​______ 6/14/2018 Loan Document Package Review for TIPICs - 4 hours

______ 7/21/2018 Loan Signing A - Z for TIPICs - 4 hours

​______ 7/25/2018 Specialty Loan Products I for TIPICs - 4 hours

​______ 8/15/2018 Specialty Loan Products II for TIPICs - 4 hours


1. Click on this web address:

2. Click on "Lookup Course or Transcript".

3. Select "Continuing Education Transcript Inquiry".

4. Select state.

5. Input your license number and last name;
    then click on "Submit".

6. Read your transcript.

    a. Check your renewal date time frame
        (Begin Date/Period Ending).

    b. Under "Compliance Summary", does "Compliant"
         show a green check mark and a "yes"?

         1. If so, you have completed the 2-year CE reqmt.

         2. If not, check under "Requirements" to view both
             your Ethics and Title Requirements.

7. For TIPICs, 3 hours of Ethics CE credits are required
            and 13 hours of Title CE credits are required.

8. Once all requirements are met, you will see
    "Compliant" in the "Status column".